The Most Popular Online Game

Online games have grown to become a huge pastime as there are millions of people that play one or more of the many games available on servers. Most people like to play because they want to connect with other friends that happen to be behind the computer. It also serves as a getaway to meet new players online since many of these games allow players to message one another. Some players dive into these online worlds for profit since in-game items have value especially if they are difficult to acquire. Other games provide different gameplay experiences which are why there are several popular online games available today. Here are some of the most popular ones that a large majority of gamers are playing.

StarCraft 2

StarCraft may not be a game that you want to play for profit, but it is definitely one of the best cooperative and competitive real time strategy games out there today. It incorporates the same elements that made the first StarCraft game successful and puts in nice additions and an all new graphics engine. Plus diverse customization tools allow all sorts of maps and even different game types to be created. These maps can be shared online so people can use them online as well. Although the LAN component is no more, the refined interface makes it very easy to play against others that have a similar level of experience.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Many players that own video gaming consoles are likely to have a few military shooter titles because these types of games have online features where players are pitted against one another often in teams to eliminate the opposing side. Call of Duty: Black Ops received positive acclaim from many gaming critics because of its intense gameplay and the fact that 24 players can participate in a game. There is also a Wii version that also received positive reviews because of its competitive multi-player. LIVE22 

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft redefined the whole MMORPG genre because there is simply so much to do in World of Warcraft that it is easy to use this game as a getaway from reality. The environments are huge and there are so many quests and tasks to take on. World of Warcraft is hands down the most popular MMORPG game at the moment with 12 million subscribers and Blizzard is continuing to roll out expansion packs including the latest expansion pack which is Cataclysm.


FarmVille is a simulation game just like ThrillVille but instead of building a theme park, you are cultivating a farm and decorating it as you earn money. This game is unique in the sense that it leverages the social networking features of Facebook to make the game rather addictive. With millions of users visiting Facebook every day, FarmVille took off very quickly since it was introduced as a new concept of social gaming. Connecting and interacting with other people is beneficial to the game and it continues to evolve as people start competing online in coming up with a thriving farm. iPhone users can play FarmVille as well. With over 60 million active players, FarmVille tops the most popular online game category.

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