Samsung LE22B350 Review

Living in a cramped space doesn’t do much if you own a large screen TV. If you are too near, then you lose some quality as you don’t get the optimum balance of distance and size. For little spaces like a small kitchen, bed room or tiny dorm room, a smaller HDTV LCD, like the Samsung LE22B350 is more advisable. It is even an ideal monitor for a PC providing fantastic image display. 55au7700

Included in the 2009 HDTV LCD line-up of Samsung, the LE22B350 is one of four screen sizes available in the 3 series, the entry level model. Other screen sizes included the 19, 26, and 32 inch units, and of course this model with 22 inches. Surprisingly, even when this series is the runt in the line-up, the Samsung LE22B350, along with the other sizes, provided exceptionally good video and audio performances.

Upfront, you will notice what most Samsung TV nowadays possess, a display bezel that features a mixture of the traditional glossy black finish with a hint of some red accent that Samsung refers to as “Touch of Colour.” The upper frame forms a box flow down to the lower edge to which the bottom tapers smoothly to the middle to meet the swivelling stand, for easy turning on angles. Its facade lacks any distracting buttons or sockets which can take away the sleek and smooth flow of its frame. When facing the Samsung LE22B350, you would most immediately focus on its focal strength, the LCD screen. Tried with a Blu-ray player, the Samsung LE22B350 converted the image to 720p from 1080p but still had the same quality that bigger screen HD LCD TV’s produced.

Turning to its rear, you will then see the connectivity of the Samsung LE22B350, where you get two HDMI sockets for high definition video sources, like a Blu-Ray player, HDTV box and gaming console. The rear panel also provides component and SCART connections for analogue signals. Other connections include a VGA input, digital audio output, audio line-in, composite video and audio input, and a common interface slot.

Like its other brethren in the Samsung 3 series, the Samsung LE22B350 has a simple installation method and setting it up is fairly easy. All you need to do is to turn on your TV after plugging in your cable or antenna, turn on the menu and follow the short instructions, and the TV will just automatically scan for channels and set it up for you.

Taking the Samsung LE22B350 to the next level in providing quality picture production is the Wide Colour Enhancer 2 engine. A Samsung innovation that boosts the image quality by enhancing and strengthening the red, green, and blue colours of the screen, making pictures look more natural and lifelike. And because of its top-notch engineering the Samsung LE22B350 has high contrast ratio output capability, 15,000:1, which is easily noticeable in the depths of the colour, namely, its blacks and whites.


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