Helpful Tips on Selecting Bridal Shower Favors for Your Bridal Shower

Bridal shower favors are the best way for the Bride-to-be to let her guests know how much she appreciates their gifts and their presence at her party. The Maid of Honor who plans and organizes the bridal shower may also be the one who selects and purchases the shower favors. A well chosen bridal shower favor also leaves your guests with memories of the good time they had for years to come. The good news is that there are great bridal shower favors available today to fit every need and budget. Here are some tips and ideas that will help you pick up a bridal shower favor that will work like a charm.

The difference between a wedding favor and a bridal shower favor is that there are usually fewer guests at a bridal shower and all of them are typically really close to the bride. This means that, if possible, it makes sense to spend a little bit more on your bridal shower favors than you would on your wedding favors. You can even make the bridal shower favor for each guest a little different. You could, for instance, give out some simple, yet elegant, jewelry like a chain or a bracelet with the guest’s zodiac sign or initial as a charm or wedding dress hk pendant. Alternatively, gift a silver picture frame with a picture of you and the guest. Your guests will feel super special!

For a novel bridal shower favor, give your guests a gift certificate for a day at the spa so that they can spoil themselves, courtesy you. Another great idea is the gift of tickets to a new Broadway show or, if that’s beyond your budget, to the hit romantic comedy movie of the summer.

If your bridal shower has a theme, then it makes a lot of sense to pick up a bridal shower favor that reflects the theme. For instance, if the theme of your bridal shower was “Domestic Goddess”, aprons would make a very apt and yet useful bridal shower favor. Similarly, if your bridal shower theme was “Great Romantic Movies”, then you could give out DVDs of your favorite romantic movie as a bridal shower favor or even a CD with songs from the soundtracks of romantic movies.


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