Frymaster Deep Fryers for the serious cook

Manitowoc Food is a world prominent company that produces commercial deep fryers designed for those working in the industry of foodservice. The company provides a comprehensive collection of top quality fryers – electric and gas-powered with innovative designs to enhance fryer performance and the quality of the food that is cooked. The line is classified under the Frymaster deep fryer brand. This review will provide a summary of the items you will receive.



The main reason for the popularity of this fryer is the fact that Frymaster will help to improve profit margins of energy efficiency and labor features (helping to support sustainable and green initiatives). Frymaster also has earned a favorable reputation when it comes to worker safety.



In the past the company has been open to the demands of their customers. The company utilizes cutting-edge materials design, manufacturing and design processes. One goal is to cut down on the number of moving parts which, is in turn, decreases the cost of maintenance.


If I had to pick the top electric deep fryer by Frymaster I’d say it’s that model FPH14-7. The unit is created to fit inside an hood that is ventless. It features a Footprint filtration system that is easily fitted beneath the fryer, an innovative  Ninja DT201 Vs DT251 air fryer technology that is setting new standard for cost savings, safety, ease of operation and dependability. It takes around 3 minutes to complete the automated filtering process to set the desired temperature.


Cleansing the electronic deep-frying machine is simple since the electric elements move out and upwards and down, leaving the fryer open and with a smooth edge. This makes it easy to scrub and clean because the sides are all exposed and the component is not in the way. The ribbon-style heating elements have been submerged by oil which allows for efficient transfer of warmth to oil, and instead of up the chimney. This means that the radiant heat that is generated within the kitchen area can be drastically decreased, which results in cooling the kitchen staff, less strain on the air conditioning system , and lower electricity bills. A more energy efficient melt and warm-up cycle is possible thanks to the user-friendly controls.


Another important point to note it that regardless of whether you decide to go with electric or gas the Frymaster fryer is more efficient than the requirements set by Federal Energy Star that qualify for rebates on energy consumption. It also means that the operators respond to the needs of consumers for food that is delicious and is also more friendly to the environment.


The company hopes to improve its previous designs and performance.



But, before you head to buy the Frymaster deep fryer, you must examine the product against other commercial brands. If there’s a complaints about the products of Frymaster, it must be the price. They’re not the most expensive – you’ll find less expensive brands, but truthfully I would say that you are getting the value you get for your money. These appliances are built to the highest quality and constructed to last.



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