Best Laptop Brand Today

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the best brand of laptops today. The greatness of one brand differs from how people evaluate it. All answers will be subjective and based on their point of views. Brand of laptops may outperform one another in one country to another country, in online games and purposes. Almost all of them look and seem to be different from each other. Yet they are very similar inside because almost all of the laptops are manufactured by the same group of companies which contributes to the same hardware components. This makes it very difficult to evaluate whether certain brand is better than the other, considering the same manufacturers make the components inside. It all comes down to slight differences between the laptop brands and personal preferences.

The competition between computer manufacturers wasn’t as fierce as today. Now with the innovation in the technology, there are so many manufacturers who can offer computers with very similar features and quality that it is harder and harder to pick the best computer. They tend to out best one another because it’s how they survive in the market. They compete in terms of price, features, performance, design, tech support, value, and software. It’s always quality over price.

With endless innovation of laptop computers year after year it contributes to countless amount options and variety to choose from which making it hard for us to pick the right brand for us. I will leave you five of the best brand of laptops today:

1. APPLE: It’s the student’s number one choice in the US. Computers designed by Apple, such as Macs, are very easy to use, portable, powerful, efficient, and they look very cool. Apple’s computers are less vulnerable to viruses and you don’t have to reformat them. You can take them whenever you go because they are very small, thin, and relatively light. Also, their beautiful design and perception of high quality will make you look cool and fashionable.

One of the biggest advantages of owning an apple is probably the technical support that comes with it. This includes 90 days of free phone support and access to trained technicians that help its customers troubleshoot their problems.

2. SONY: Expensive but another trusted brand is Sony. Its VAIO series are very popular in terms of assorted designs, premium features and performance. The brand is known for its durability as well as sturdy designs. Sony is globally recognized for its distinctive personality and the high end products.

3. LENOVO: It offers the resourcefulness ease and  ryzen 5 hp laptop comfort. Lenovo is ergonomically equipped when it comes to its physical structure as well as its software features. They brought Thinkpad Edge and IdeaPad laptops in the market.

4. TOSHIBA: One of the most innovative brands of laptop to opt for, for its low cost and high performance. They have delivered one of the best notebooks (Toshiba Mini NB305) and laptops (Toshiba Satellite E205) in the market. Though Lenovo is not the cheapest brand of 2010, it’s still a good choice for your budget.

5. HP/COMPAQ: No matter what your social income, taste and preference, there is always an HP laptop for you. Despite the competitions in the market today HP remains the pioneering computer manufactures of best laptops in the world. It’s trusted and distinguished company that can supply wide array of products that satisfies different segment of the market. HP sheer range and variety of products makes it one of the most unique laptop brands.


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